Travel To Singapore – Best Time To Visit

Travel To Singapore – Best Time To Visit

Singapore is a tropical country that enjoys much sunshine and hot weather all year around. The temperature of the city is around 31 degrees Celsius and that it will be very humid. Though you can visit at any time to Singapore, there are some specific periods that you should take note of when traveling top Singapore. Here are some travel tips on the best times of the year to visit Singapore.

Holiday Seasons:

Sentosa SingaporeA perfect time to visit Singapore is from December to February in which there are several major holidays and celebrations all over the country. The main holidays celebrated on December 25 which is Christmas festival, December 31 and January 1 which are New Year eve and New Year day and the Chinese Lunar New Year. This Chinese New Year may vary, and it depends on the Chinese lunar calendar. You can everywhere decorate in red colors as, this is the color code of Chinese New Year.

Therefore, during December to February in Singapore, you will see many festivals and other events in which you can experience a unique celebration that is full of excitement. When you plan to come during this festival time, then you should book the flight and hotel prior, as this is the peak time where the prices may get doubled of original price. Around December to January is the monsoon season in Southeast Asia and hence, be prepared to get wet with rain.

Special Events:

There are many special events that are conducted in the city which are worth watching. The first event will be the Great Singapore Sale in which many shopping malls and branded products are giving discounts of the original price. Almost 70% discount will be given for most of the things and sale will be for two months starting from late May and ending at late July.

The second event which you should not miss is the annual Formula One (F1) race. If you are a big fan of F1 race, then Singapore is the best place to visit which is only place to conduct F1 race during the night time. Another attracting thing is Singapore gambling online options which allows the players to enjoy the different games to have a complete entertainment.

Low Season:

The low travel season in Singapore is around July and August. If you are having some budget, this is the right time to go for Singapore as the hotels will be having lower occupancy rates.

But if you want to enjoy the celebrations of Singapore, it is mostly recommended to visit from December to February. Thus, visit the country during such season to enjoy your trip.