Singapore- The Best Choice For Adventure Travel

Singapore- The Best Choice For Adventure Travel

For the holiday lovers who want to make it more adventurous, the singapore is the good option to enjoy the days and create memorable holidays of life time. Singapore has many attractions which are meant for adventurous activities and it is a pleasure to visit those places and enjoy the adventurous trip.

Few of such adventurous destinations of the city are,

Underwater World: Here you can get the experience of scuba diving and able to watch thousands of aquatic species. The most attractive aquatic species is sand tiger shark.

Holland village: The place is known for shopping complexes and eateries. The village has many restaurants which serves the tasty food and there are two separate zones for shopping. One street has many shopping malls and in other street you can find many retail shops in order to avail the affordability of every visitor. Of course, shopping is also a kind of adventure and it is a great way for time pass.

Jurong Bird Park: This is a place where you can find many skilled birds over here and it is worth visiting. We can get to know various species of birds and it is a must visit if the visitor is a bird lover. The falcony is a sport which is being termed as a royal game because it cannot be afforded by normal people and it is known for nobleness.

Bugis Street or Bugis Junction: This place is the fascinating street bazar which have many shopping malls and the walkway of the street is fully covered by glass and airconditioned. The neighbouring areas of this area has many Buddhist and Hindu temples and the visiting the temples gives you a peace of mind.

marina-bay-sands-SingaporeClarke Quay: It is a diverse destination of singapore. It is known for the adventurous play called bungy jumping. The activity is not recommended for the people who have heart related health issues. The participant is thrown to a great height and flipped back to ground, it is really a thrilling experience. The place is also known for beachside bars.

After visiting all these you can also visit gambling online singapore, it is an entertaining activity and it is open for 24 hours a day. If you are a food lover, you can give a try for Makanasutra food safari and it gives a great dining experience. Here you can taste the varieties of noodles, Indian roti and paratha’s and many more. With this you can end your day at Singapore’s best food street.