Backpacking Information for Singapore Travelers

Backpacking Information for Singapore Travelers

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Many backpackers who go backpacking for Southeast Asia will commonly ignore Singapore due to its expensive nature and overly strict rules but, Singapore has much to offer backpackers on budget simultaneously lauded for its safety and cleanliness. Singapore is quickly raising as most popular backpacking destination because of its unique blend of cultures, amazing urban sights and picturesque natural attractions.

If you have been searching for mouthwatering food, fabulous shopping and luxury living then you should consider backpacking to Singapore, it gives you an opportunity to explore the pristine calm of islands, get close with animals at night safari and wander through cultural areas of Singapore city. For both nature lovers and city dwellers, Singapore is an amazing destination.

Experience the melting pot: Singapore city embraces multiculturalism, with ethnic and racial harmony as a major keystone in its policy. Singapore is most evident in diversity of food, language and peaceful coexistence of ethnic architectures and skyscrapers side by side. The dominant races in Singapore are Chinese followed by Malays and Indians. You can find religious Hindu temples, Mosques and churches at some places in the city.

Food and accommodation: The multiculturalism of Singapore can be seen its traditional cuisines. The most authentic food in Singapore is usually found at local food hawker centers. The best food stalls will have long queues who will wait to taste the delights for cheap price. For those who prefer to taste western delights there is no shortage of cafes, restaurants and international food chains.

Attractive Features Of SingaporeWhen it comes for accommodation, Singapore hotels tend to be expensive. Most of the backpackers accommodation is concentrated an ethnic neighborhoods than gleaming sky scrapers. Hotels around Little India and Chinatown are popular districts for backpackers. The hotels are best in terms of its services, you can lay back and enjoy playing different online games of Singapore such as

Where to go?

Each and every place in Singapore will offer you unique experience, some must visit places are Kampong Glam, an Arab and malay ethnic quarter. Here you can see oldest mosques, amidst cloth merchants, boutiques as well as few beautiful murals. Marina bay is a home to Singapore’s iconic city skyline. The night life here will be awesome, the building lights are fully lit and weather will be much cooler. Little India is favorite base for backpackers, here you will get lost in little Indian lanes. Sentosa island, Garden by bay, Singapore flyer, Singapore zoo, Night safari and Jurong bird park are some places you should not miss to visit.

This beautiful city is a great way to enjoy the holidays within a budget. Singapore has got something to offers its every traveler, it will never disappoint anyone. One you explore all the places in Singapore You will wish to visit it again and again.