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MYGO: Version 2.1
General points:
a) MyGo is a software package that allows you to connect to the GoTranslators servers in order to receive alerts in real time, send messages and communicate with other translators. It works in a similar way to MSN Messenger or ICQ, but in a professional setting.
b) MyGo is a service for GoTranslators’ GoMembers and is part of their annual membership. For more information on the advantages of being a GoMember, please refer to our general FAQs at To become a GoMember, enter your Member Area (with your login and password) and click on the "Become a GoMember" banner. You will then open a page which will show you four possible payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, PayPal or Bank Transfer.
c) MyGo connects your PC to our secure server. It also opens a communication port on your computer (like MSN Messenger, ICQ or Kazaa). We would advise you to read our "Security in your Work" section, which is available in your Member Area and advises you to use a Firewall to control traffic entering the open ports on your PC at all times. GoTranslators will in no case be responsible for intrusions on your computer caused by your failure to protect your internet connection generally and which may have occurred through your use of any other communication tool of this type.
d) MyGo is a software package designed to operate on all versions of Microsoft Windows from Windows 95 onwards. For the time being, we have not designed a version for Apple Macintosh or the various versions of Linux.
e) MyGo is not only a software package – it is also the new philosophy for the GoTranslators website. A large number of the MyGo functions are available through your Member Area (MyGo Menu) and some are available through out-of-session searches. If you are connected to MyGo, visitors to the website will see you as being online (green dot) and, if not, they will see you as being offline (red dot). If you are online, they can send a chat request to you. This revolutionary concept allows potential clients to make immediate contact with a translator shown as being online and establish a dialogue with him/her. It is in your best commercial interests to be permanently connected to MyGo in order to be visible to visitors.
f) MyGo remembers your login and password. Once MyGo is on your taskbar and you are connected to the internet, you will then be in your Member Area and in permanent contact with us and thousands of GoMembers.
  Double-click on the MyGoSetup icon after downloading from the Download MyGo page on your GoMember menu. The following window appears:
  We would advise you to select Program Files as the destination folder and tick the "Create a shortcut icon on the desktop" box. You will then be able to access MyGo from your desktop every time you start your computer.
  Now enter your login and password and click on OK.
  If you have forgotten either of these, please go to our home page and use the "Forgotten your
PWD? Click here" tool. Our server will automatically send the details to your email address. You may also contact us for more help – email us at
  After the software installation, the icon shown below will appear on your taskbar:
  To display the MyGo menu, right-click on the icon shown on the taskbar. You can then choose one of the following four options:
1) MyGo Alerts is the most important of the four options. It is the "instrument panel" which will allow you to select which of the MyGo functionalities you wish to use. Depending on your needs or availability, you can adjust these options on a daily basis:
  a) Alerts for New Job Posted: every time a job is posted and matched your profile, an alert will be sent to your email address, but an alert window will also be displayed on MyGo. You will thus avoid the slowness of your mail server and the chore of endlessly checking your email inbox, and instead be among the first to respond to a job posting.

b) Alerts for New Message Posted in Black & White list: every time a translator posts a report on a client, you will receive an alert. As it is often a negative report about fraudulent or bad payers, it is vital that this information be received quickly.

c) Alert for New Message Posted in a Forum: every time a translator posts a message in a forum, you will be notified. This option allows a proper, sustained and enriching dialogue to be established and for you to quickly receive replies and responses to your own messages.

d) Alert when a Member of MyGroup goes online: you will know which of the people in your group are online at any one time. Please see below for details on how to add colleagues to your "MyGroup".

e) Alert when a Member of MyGroup goes offline: you will know who is no longer available among the people in your group.

f) Receive alerts for being added to someone’s MyGroup: just signed a contract for 200,000 words to be delivered in a month’s time? Uncheck this option and you can temporarily live like a hermit/work undisturbed to allow you to complete this massive task.

g) Subscribe to public technical questions of GoMembers: if you are desperately seeking the translation for a particular word, you can write a quick request which will be sent to all GoMembers working with the same language pair as you and received one or two seconds later. The possible answers will reach you in exactly the same way. You may also ask questions privately, which will only be sent to Members in your Group. All questions and answers are recorded on a database which may be consulted (in a few months’ time) by all GoMembers (knowledge database). You will find more detailed explanations on this point below.

h) Receive chat requests: this allows you to be available or unavailable to have online chats with colleagues. You will only be able to chat with one person per chat window, but you can open several windows and conduct several conversations at once.
2) Local Settings
  a) "Check for basic events” indicates the time interval between each server inquiry made by MyGo for basic events (chat, request to add, etc). For most functions, 10 seconds is a sufficiently short interval. If you frequently use the chat function, we would advise you to reduce the interval to 5 seconds in order to speed up the chat.
b) “Check for all types of events” indicates the time interval between each MyGo server request for specific events (technical questions or job postings, for example). We would advise you to retain the default setting of 3 minutes.
c) “Launch MyGo at system startup”: If you use a broadband connection (ADSL or cable) with permanent internet connection, we would advise you to select this option. If you use an analogue/dial-up connection or a fast connection that you interrupt frequently, we would advise against selecting this option. Indeed, when the connection is interrupted, MyGo will repeatedly send you "Cannot connect to the server" messages.
3) Open member's area
  MyGo is not only a software package – it is also an all-new design for the GoTranslators website and, more particularly, the GoMember area, which will henceforth contain the full "MyGo" menu.
  It is presented as follows:
  a) User’s Manual: What’s My Go? This is the page you are reading right now!
b) Download MyGo for Windows: this allows you to download the software.
c) Configure MyGo: this allows you to configure the MyGo alerts from your GoMember Area (same functions as the second item on the software menus displayed by right-clicking on the icon – please see above).
MyGroup List: choosing the people to be part of My Group:
  a) Search By Name: imagine you have just made a search, through the general GoTranslators search engine, of all the English > Italian translators living in your area, and you have found one profile, that of Ticia Gianotti, particularly interesting. All you have to do is simply enter "Gianotti" in the "Search by Name" field and her page will be displayed. Click on the "Add to MyGroup" button. A message containing your request will be sent to Ticia Gianotti. If she accepts your invitation, the following window will appear:
  b) View Members Of MyGroup: If you click on this button, you will be able to view the members of your MyGroup. You will be able to remove any person from your group at any time without asking them for their permission. You may send a technical question to a Member of your MyGroup at any time. If he/she is not online, they will receive your message the next time they connect to the internet. Moreover, if a green dot appears (Member online), you will be able to send them a chat request.
Private questions and chat:

a) Private questions.

You can ask a Member of your MyGroup a technical question at any time. If he/she is not online, they will receive it the next time they connect to the internet. You can choose whether or not to record your question and the answer on our database. If you do so, you will be gradually enriching a terminological database which may be consulted by everyone and which will therefore, one day, be of use to you as well.

  After asking your question, you will receive the following confirmation message:
  And your counterpart will receive the following alert:
  When he/she answers your question, you will receive this:

b) Chat.

When you send a chat request to a person you want to speak to, he/she receives this:

  If the person accepts your request, a chat window is opened:
  If the other person rejects your request, the following will appear:
Public questions:
  From your GoMember area, you may also post public questions. They will be sent to all GoMembers concerned by the subject matter of your question in any given language pair.
  All public questions and their answers are recorded on our knowledge database. They will gradually add to a terminological database which everyone will soon be able to consult.
Coming soon: the terminological database
  As at the launch of MyGo, this database is empty. After a few months, when hundreds of questions and answers will have been recorded, we will place the following tools online in your GoMember area:
  a) Search the database: before sending a question to one of your colleagues or to all those who work with the same language pair as you, search the database first:
  b) Results: If the question has been asked previously and an answer provided, you will receive the history of this request from our server, as well as the identity of the person who gave the answer, which will allow you to contact them thereafter for more information.
Other alerts:
  Whenever a new job posting, message in a forum or a new report on the Black & White List reaches our server, you will instantly receive an alert as shown below:
  All you have to do is simply select the first item shown on the MyGo Menu - Open Member’s Area – and you can access these new events in just a few seconds.

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