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Richard Percival
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Presentation :
Broad liberal education. University Graduate in Physics and Mathematics. Currently resident in California USA, 13 years management positions with US Corporations. 18 years resident in Germany and Switzerland. Extensive international experience (high-technology, especially semiconductor, electronics, embedded software)business software applications in banking, insurance, operations. Business development, planning, presentation, team management skills. My special skill: one-on-one interview with the German speaking specialist, leading to a translation compensating for the impact of culture, to ensure that the reader is unaware that this is a translation.
References :
austriamicrosystems, Swiss Federal Research Institute for Snow and Avalanches, Swisscom-Celeris
Interests :
Administration & Organization
Business - Corporate
Business - E-commerce
Business - Economics
Business - Management
Business - Marketing
Engineering - Electrical
Engineering - Mechanical
Technology - Devices
Technology - Internet
Technology - Mobile computing
Technology - Telecommunications
Utilities & Energy
Qualifications :
1956 - 1963 City of Norwich School, Norwich, England 9 ‘O’-levels, 3 ‘A’-levels, one ‘S’-level
1963 - 1966 University of St Andrews, Scotland - Bachelor of Science Mathematics, Physics, (with Statistics and Economics)
1966 - 1967 Marconi College Chelmsford UK - Graduate Staff Training Programme Manufacturing, Business Studies, Software and Logic, Analogue Technology, Microelectronics, Value Engineering, Industrial Design, Team Project
1972 National Semiconductor Santa Clara CA Integrated Circuit Design in MOS-Technology
1978 Management Centre Europe, London - Finance for non-financial managers Bookkeeping, Budgeting, Fraud management, Risk management
1981 James Martin Institute, Los Angeles Data Communications and Database
1991 Chartered Insurance Institute UK - Financial Planning Certificate Life Insurance, Pensions, Income Protection, Health Insurance, Portfolio Management
1999 Systor Management College, Zurich and Basel Seminars und Workshops over a 7 Month period
1999 Systor internal workshops XML, Netscape Server, Plenum Institute Data Processing Management Update
2000 Systor Sales College, Basel Workshops over 6 months: Prospecting, Sales Funnel, Qualification, Forecasting, Managing the Buying Centre, Closing, Delivery and Fulfilment, Closing the Cycle
2000 Microsoft Redmond and Compaq Houston US Study Trip Strategy briefings in KM platform, Exchange 2K, Business Intelligence, Mobile Knowledge Worker, Compaq Data Center strategy, Pocket PC enhancements
2001- present Continuing self-study CRM, Sales Process, Web Services, HTML, Translation Technology
Professional experience :
Since 2001 Freelance Consultant, "Interactive Technology Services, Richard Percival"
Translation of reports, technical articles and specialist Press Releases for clients such as Austria Microsystems, National Semiconductor, OSE Systems, Swiss Federal Research Institute for Snow and Avalanches Davos. Swisscom-Celeris Examples of translation work: *magazine articles *Press releases *PowerPoint presentation localization - Marketing
Full CV
Now actively seeking opportunity to use Trados 7.0
Prices :
(prices per standard line of 55 keystrokes)
€1,41 (more than 20 lines)
€1,62 (20 lines or less)
Stylistic Review
€1,00 (more than 20 lines)
€1,14 (20 lines or less)
Proofreading and Correction
€0,70 (more than 20 lines)
€0,81 (20 lines or less)
Working method :
I am a native English speaker, with an idiomatic knowledge of German and English. I prefer to work interactively to translate your words and vision with the style and level appropriate to your target audience but if this in not practical I will work from your manuscript or web page. I have specific knowledge and experience in your subject area, and I have excellent writing skills. When necessary, I come back to you for feedback, analysis, and document revision.
Translator from German to English Übersetzer Deutsch Englisch