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Contents :
Who are we?
What advantages do we offer our members?
How can you become a member?
1-month free trial period. But what happens then?
The advantages of being a GoMember...
Security (confidentiality, payment, spam, etc.)?
What about GoTranslators' liability?

     Who are we?   
GoTranslators is a division of the Belgian Enlarged European Horizon asbl, BELGIUM
Reg. Nr 0477.691.346.
Write (in French, Spanish or English) to :
     What advantages do we offer our members?   
All members, whether they are translators or agencies, have :
. an actual presence on the Web, where they are all clearly listed according to their specialist subject areas, country of residence and the languages they translate
. for the latest job offers submitted to us
. of the opportunity, at any time during a translation, to pose a question to colleagues working in the same language combination and in the same general subject areas
. of lists of other agencies or translators with a view to working together in the future
. of the possibility of updating your CV or contact details in real time
. hundreds of translation tools dictionaries, lexicons, glossaries (monolingual, multilingual, specialist and general) as well as translation newsgroups and mailing lists
. other future benefits which we are constantly working on, while always being ready to listen to our members' needs and suggestions
( suggest@gotranslators.com )
     How can you become a member?   
When you register (1-month free trial period), you give us
1. your contact details
2. your languages and specialist subject areas
3. and your CV
  so that you appear in searches made by visitors, such as this one :
Durand Translations [ Jean Durand ]
Specialities : Archaeology, History, Genealogy, Anthropology, Philosophy
English · French
  Rue Ravenstein · Bruxelles, B-1000 BE
Tel :
 ++ 32 2 12 34 56
E-mail :
Fax :
 ++ 32 2 12 34 57
Mobile :
 ++ 32 95 498 741
Web :


In order not to give any of our members an unfair advantage regarding the order in which they appear on the pages, the GoTranslators database is sorted randomly and differently every day .
     1-month free trial period. But what happens then?   
Every new member benefits from a trial period (one month) under the same conditions as those offered to GoMembers, with the exception of discounts on special software promotions featuring on the dedicated page on our server, complete CV downloads and inclusion of accreditations and information about large worldwide institutions.
At the end of the one-month trial period, the translator or agency can indefinitely remain a member of GoTranslators and benefit from the free services set out above.
If he wishes to become a GoMember and benefit from additional services, he will be invited to pay, via our secure page, an annual membership of 60 euros for Class A, 35 euros for Class B (see the table below). Whilst ensuring that the anticipated revenue for each translator or agency is based on the GDP for his country of residence and in order to specifically aid translators in less privileged countries, membership of GoTranslators is free in 59 countries (Class C). Calculation based on the world bank's classifications.
  GNIPC World Bank Table (Adobe pdf format)
Annual membership guarantees access to all the services available at the time your subscription is taken out and for the following 365 days. All memberships paid remain the property of GoTranslators, even in the case of voluntary un-subscription by a GoMember during the course of a year.
     The advantages of being a GoMember...   
A listing at the head of clients' search results
Access to job offers in real time and the opportunity to respond immediately
An exclusive reduction (and more than the price of your GoMember membership) when purchasing translation software
Access to clear, regularly updated information on translation services and public invitations to tender from large worldwide institutions
The opportunity to put technical questions to colleagues in real time
Help desk, response within 24 hours
Daily personal statistics and statistics on site visits
Access to the Black & White list
A dedicated web page and a listing on search engines acquired by us (November 2003)
The opportunity to upload a complete, personalised CV, to be downloaded by the client (November 2003)
Your official accreditations (ATA, AITI, BDU, Aticom, etc.) appear when your details are consulted (December 2003)
Access to a complete list of your translation colleagues, sorted by language and country combinations (December 2003). The opportunity to unsubscribe from this list.
Real time dialogue with GoMembers connected to GoTranslators (February 2004)
     Security (confidentiality, payment, spam, etc.)?   
GoTranslators agree not to pass on all or part of its databases to any commercial, administrative or institutional third parties.
Spam robots cannot access membersí addresses.

The WorldPay on-line payment system is easy to use and is acknowledged all over the world for its reliability in terms of security and for its professional banking service.
   WorldPay : www.worldpay.com   
Your bank details are not passed on through our site. All the processing is done by WorldPay's own site, using a secure 128-bit protocol which is outside the GoTranslators site. This gives you an additional guarantee of confidentiality.

Don't trust online payment? If so you can of course use conventional banking methods: installments, international transfer, cheque, etc.
     What about GoTranslators' liability?   
Each job offer submitted to GoTranslators is only published if the words 'certified genuine and valid' have been ratified twice by the author. However, GoTranslators may not be deemed either directly and indirectly liable any contract entered into subsequently by the translator and his client if there should be a dispute between these two parties.
GoTranslators is no way responsible for relations between software vendors and members.
Database of the different translation services according to languages and specialist areas.